Industry Specific and Specialized Translation Solutions
We have consistently provided industry specific and specialized translation solutions in Asian/European/English language pairs to many prominent companies in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, United States, China, UK and Germany, and France for over 10 years. For example, top litigation support firms in Japan and around the world rely on our expertise, responsiveness, and precision in the following fields:
  • Antitrust Litigation translations
  • Commercial Litigation translations
  • Complex Litigation translations
  • Corporate Litigation translations
  • Financial Services translations
  • Intellectual Property translations
  • International Arbitration translations
  • International Trade Litigation translations
  • Mergers & Acquisitions translations
  • Product Liability translations
  • Securities & Enforcement translations
  • Technology translations
  • Trademarks translations
  • Banking Litigation translations
  • Environmental Law translations
  • Patent and Patent Dispute translations
With many years of experience in this area we have created a streamlined process of litigation support that starts with the e-discovery process, continues through review, machine translation+ post editing as well as through human translation. We employ professional linguists who are experts in their fields which relate to the background of each specific case.

Information Security/Privacy
We have a robust and comprehensive information privacy and information security system in place to ensure documents we handle are secure at all times which meets the highest industry standards. All staff that work with us comply and maintain the highest possible industry standards in information privacy.

Who We Are
Our translation experience along with our dedicated team of professional account managers, project managers, translators/editors, desktop publishers and engineers ensure that our quality workflow processes are consistently implemented and our clients receive a clear and transparent representation of what we are providing them and what they will be paying for. We value integrity, quality, teamwork, and proactive problem-solving within our organization, which integrate into all our services and experience that our clients expect.

We are continuously and relentlessly working at being successful in managing the diverse needs of all our clients.